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"There is no place I'd rather be than at some tropical resort in the Caribbean. There's just something about the way it makes me feel. I don't live in Florida or anywhere near the tropics for that matter. I had no idea that I really could create that tropical look at home, and bring at least a little bit of that Island feel to my own backyard." -- John S.

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"Without a doubt,my backyard is my favorite room in the house. It's my own personal tropical escape. I just turn on the Jimmy Buffet, reach for good book and a cold drink, and let the weekend float on by in laidback style." -- Lane H.


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"Where I live, you just don't see palm trees. I just wanted to see if I could grow one by my new pool, for fun. I did! And once I learned what was really possible, my one palm tree suddenly turned into a full-blown tropical escape."--Troy R.


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Learn How to Create an Exotic Tropical Backyard Garden or Tropical Swimming Pool Landscape!

Would you like to have a tropical oasis in your backyard, but think you can't because you live in an area that is decidedly not tropical, where cold weather is an unpleasant fact of life? Think Again!

tropical backyard landscaping ideas

The natural beauty that surrounds you at exotic, tropical gardens seems to automatically create that sense of casual, laidback comfort that allows you to completely relax and unwind. Lets face it, is difficult to feel overly stressed when you are surrounded by beautiful and exotic gardens with lush foliage, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and an unending display of flowering plants of every imaginable color. As your senses soak it all in, the laidback attitude and sense of well-being is almost automatic. As the vacation winds down,  do you silently yearn to take a piece of that lifestyle ideal home with you but automatically accept that they will have to settle for photos and memories?

What if it was possible to create a piece of that Island allure in your everyday life? What if you could create an exotic tropical backyard escape at home?

Well, guess what ... it's not only possible ... it's a lot of fun too!

Backyard Resorts EbookIn our simple, straight forward Backyard Resorts ebook, you'll learn:

How to achieve an exotic "tropical look", practically and affordably
Which palms will really will grow in your area, and how to care for them
Which incredibly exotic, and easy-to-grow plants are guaranteed to give your backyard that exotic island flare
Which traditional landscape plants look great in a tropical backyard setting, and how to use them to great effect
How to use a practical, layered approach that takes into account that you probably don't have south Florida climate
Which readilly available plants to use in pots and containers to create an exotic tropical resort setting
The basics of backyard gardening to get you started on the right foot, even if your green thumb to date has been limited to pulling weeds
How and where to get plants that that are a must for your backyard tropical resort, but that you might not be able to find locally
Where to find other great resources on the web that can help you in creating your backyard resort


I've spent a lot of years learning how to create an exotic, backyard tropical setting in a decidedly non-tropical area. I did it, and have gotten immense satisfaction and enjoyment from it. I've also gotten a lot of bumps and bruises from spending my hard-earned money on things that just didn't work. I took it all in stride, knowing that experience is in part a result of bad decisions. But, you don't have to!


Now, I'm offering my experience to you in this fun and easy to read ebook for only $9.95. Backyard Resorts is a practical guidebook loaded with great pictures, and packed with information, practical advice, and instructions.  If you consider that one bad decision for a palm tree or other expensive plant that's wiped out in its first winter could cost you hundreds, then I think you'll agree that you're getting a real bargain. 


BonusI'll give you for FREE my BYRCalc  garden  calculator.  This is a Microsoft Excel tool that calculates the exact amount of soil amendments (i.e. mulch, compost, etc) you need for one or more areas, and then generates detailed shopping lists and budgets.   A very handy, time-saving tool!   Click here to see a screen shot of BYRCalc.

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